The Jade Paw Project is currently on hiatus while the humans behind the scenes have a bunch going on! Summer is typically when jade cats get painted, but free time has become scarce as the Jade Paw Human has started teaching a summer study abroad program. We’ve got a stockpile of ceramic cats and anticipate one final Jade Paw Project fundraiser, hopefully in 2019. Thanks to all that have supported our mission thus far!

We raised $200 in the Spring 2017 campaign! Proceeds from the February 2017 campaign benefit the Kitty Krusade, Inc, the organization that is home to the infamous Jman – aka Justin, Fire Survivor.

You’ve seen Justin the caped Kitty Krusader rescue cats and kittens, day and night, in good times and bad. If you don’t know Justin’s story, he was intentionally set on fire at just a month old and suffered awful 2nd and 3rd degree burns. He got a second chance at life and against all odds, survived! Now, Justin is the spokeskitty for The Kitty Krusade, Inc. The Kitty Krusade rescues high risk abused, neglected, injured, and ill kitties and helps them get the foster and medical care they desperately need. Our very own Daffy Duck and Polly rescued from a shelter kill list by Justin.

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