Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

The first ever Jade Paw Project campaign has sold out of jade cats!

We raised $1,520.00 for Justin, Fire Survivor’s Kitty Krusade, Inc. Holy catnip!

Jade Paw Project Award Check for The Kitty Krusade, Inc.

That will help a lot of high-risk abused, neglected, injured, and ill kitties get the foster and medical care they desperately need and get them into loving forever homes!

High five – you’ve helped save lives!

The next Jade Paw Project campaign will launch in December 2015. Sign up for our newsletter (no spam – we promise!) to be notified of upcoming dates, or follow us on Facebook. You can also follow Daffy Duck and Polly, two awesome cats that were rescued by The Kitty Krusade, at:

Want to help with the next Jade Paw Project campaign? We need more cat figurines! If you’ve got some old cat figurines laying around that could use some love, or find some on your next thrift shopping adventure, please consider donating them to the Jade Paw Project! You can find all of the details on how to donate a figurine here: Donate a Figurine. Any donations received between now and the next campaign will go toward the next campaign.

Thanks so much for your support! Paw power!