Drumroll, please…

The winter 2015 jade cat campaign will benefit Oliver, one of Justin, Fire Survivor’s foster siblings!


Here’s Oliver’s story:

My name is Oliver and this is my rescue story. I’m about a 10 month old little boy who was found abandoned in a cardboard box. But you see I’m a kitten with special needs. I was born with severe Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH). My disability causes me to be extremely unsteady, have little to no balance, have tremors, and make uncoordinated movements — just like ataxic cerebral palsy in people. Step-by-step, I’m learning to stand, walk, climb, jump, and do other kitten things. I’m falling over less and less, but when I do I get back up again… I’m not giving up!

What Makes You Different Makes You Special,


Originally, I had planned to run each jade cat campaign for a different rescue organization, but this guy Oliver just captured my heart! His condition is so widely misunderstood that I felt it’s important to shed as much light on it as we can. CH in cats is a non-progressive, non-contagious neurological condition. While it can be hard for us to watch a “wobbly cat” shake or fall down, it’s not a painful condition for the cat, and for CH cats with no other health issues, their life expectancy is the same as any other cat, since it’s a non-progressive condition. It won’t get worse over time. These cats certainly need a caretaker that is willing to accommodate their condition, like any other special needs pet, but the condition looks much worse than it actually is for the cat. CH cats are some of the sweetest cats you’ll ever meet! They’re definitely a book that should not be judged by its wobbly cover!

Proceeds from the winter 2015 campaign will benefit the Kitty Krusade, Inc, the organization that fosters Oliver and is home to the infamous Jman.

The campaign will run through December 19 and jade cats will ship to US destinations in time for Christmas (by Dec 24). Get your jade cat in honor of Oliver!

Let’s support Oliver’s treatment so he can find an awesome forever home!