The first campaign is coming: July 2015!

The first Jade Paw Project campaign will launch mid-July 2015. When the campaign launches, you'll be able to purchase fabulous jade dogs and cats from the shop. Put them on your desk. Put them on your bookshelf. Put them on your mantle. Put them everywhere! Shop till you drop - but when they're gone, they're gone! When we run out of jade dogs and cats, the campaign will close for a few months until we can restock our litter of pups and kitties.
Each purchase will help the designated animal rescue organization. Who, you ask?

Coming Soon!

Welcome to the Jade Paw Project!
We are a nonprofit project that raises money to support animal welfare and rescue organizations, especially for special needs pets. Inspired by the Teal Cat Project, we hope to continue the amazing work they did to help rescue animals.
We're in the process of setting up our first campaign, but in the meantime, please visit us on social media: